Our Story

Established in 1992, PMG Retail & Entertainment is a national marketing, retail and event services agency. For the last 25 years, our award-winning marketing and event programs have been developed based on clients’ needs and to put their products front and center.

We offer an array of services – from retail consulting and planning to on-site execution on both a national and local level – in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our events and in-store retail opportunities make an impact.

Listening to you, we establish a deep client relationship that enables us to uncover business-building insights, leverage our knowledge and research, create effective campaigns, assemble the right team, and deliver a plan on budget.

PMG has created and coordinated marketing programs targeting a variety of demographics and delivers results, no matter who your audience may be.

With years of campaigns in experiential, event, and shopper marketing, our dedicated and professional team can provide turnkey services while leveraging our experiences and resources for better efficiencies. From air shows to tours to BBQ competitions to in-store opportunities, PMG delivers.

Our goal is to gain an understanding of your business objectives, key audiences, and success measurements in order to deliver greater results!

What Sets PMG Apart

We listen and establish deeper relationships.

Our years of experience and team of dedicated professionals means better efficiencies.

Taking time for thorough understanding means we deliver greater results.

Deeper Relationships. Better Efficiencies. Greater Results. SM 

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