For 25 years, PMG Retail & Entertainment has been creating engaging retail and entertainment events across the United States that are insightful and respectful of target audiences.

Strategic execution involves more audiences than strategic planning. Our process driven approach allows us to design the best plan to ensure timely and accurate communication with all your key audiences and partners.

We help you move from concept to execution by focusing on all the critical details.

Listening to you, we can establish a deeper relationship which enables us to uncover business-building insights, leverage our knowledge and research, create effective campaigns, assemble the right team, and deliver a plan on budget.

PMG has created and coordinated marketing programs targeting a variety of demographics and delivers results, no matter who your audience may be.

With years of campaigns in experiential, event, and shopper marketing, our dedicated and professional team can provide turnkey services while leveraging our experiences and resources for better efficiencies. From air shows to tours to BBQ competitions to in-store opportunities, PMG delivers.

Branding/Retail Events

Pork – Be Inspired


El Rey de la Parrilla Kingsford tour

Grande Communications grassroots events

Nueva Salud

Gibson Guitars

All Seasons Feeders Taste of Triumph boxing promotion

Kraft Grill Across Texas


Selena: The Movie

Tejano Music Awards

Valero Alamo Bowl

George Strait Country Music Festival


King William Fair

Nite in Ole La Vernia


Fiesta Viewing Party

Randolph AFB Air Show

Lackland AFB Air Show

Fajita Fest


Star-Spangled Festival @ Lackland AFB

Domingo de Fiesta


Dinosaurs in Motion Tour

Secretos de Belleza

Coca-Cola Tejano Road Trip

Texas BBQ King Tour

Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour