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Branded Cart Wrap

A new way to engage shoppers during in-store sampling events is the Cart Wrap.

Our Cart Wrap engages consumers with eye-catching graphics featuring identifiable brands and products.  It’s a unique way to encourage trial and sampling throughout the store.

Brands and retailers are challenged to feature products at the store level. Our Cart Wrap offers a dynamic and interactive way to advertise products for sampling.

It’s ideal for beverage or food sampling and can be adapted for a wide range of products. It’s perfect for retailer-themed programs or to highlight sales items to consumers.

It’s simple! We just need the specifications of the shopping cart sizes at the retail store you need and your brand image, and our team takes care of the layout, printing and delivery.

Imagine how your customers will respond to this vibrant advertising tool.

Say goodbye to old-fashioned tables and pop-up banners.  Make sure your next product introduction or sampling event gets noticed with a Cart Wrap featuring your brand.

Put Cart Wrap Advertising  to Work for Your Brand!