Since PMG Retail & Entertainment began 25 years ago, we have created, coordinated, and executed promotions and tasting events at box, club, grocer, convenience, and liquor retailers across the country.

We have executed over 100,000 tasting events since 2007

Engaging consumers at retail is one of the most persuasive means to educate buyers and drive sales. Our programs deliver for you.

We understand the challenges of designing programs that generate sales, stay true to branding, and offer distinctive programs to different classes of trade. Because of our deep client relationships,

PMG is able to create programs that highlight what makes your company unique.

Retailers expect great results from brand programs because they need your event to be successful in order to benefit on their end. Our history of success and years of expertise ensure that your retail program is a success for you and the retailer.

PMG is the premier retail event firm. Our personal attention and results-driven process makes PMG one of a kind. More importantly, it shows consumers what makes your company’s product one of a kind – right where it counts, with direct consumer engagement.

  • PMG has worked with H-E-B since 1992
  • Won multiple awards for cross-category programs and events developed for Wal-Mart and Publix
  • PMG has created and coordinated marketing programs targeting a variety of demographics
  • Unilever “Secretos de Belleza”
  • all and Snuggle “What do your clothes say about you?”
  • “El Sabor de Mil Platillos” for National Pork Board Hispanic tagline re-launch
  • Coca-Cola Tejano Road Trip
  • “King of the Grill” Kingsford Charcoal
  • “Grill Across Texas” for Kraft Foods and Pepsi-Cola
  • Dove “Giselle presents: In the Shower”
  • “Fajita Fest 2013” Presented by Tecate Light

How Can We Help You Make Your Next Retail Event a Winner?