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PMG Tastings, a leading alcoholic beverage and food retail marketing company based in San Antonio, announces it is launching its Cart Wrap tasting program with Constellation Brands, Inc. for Modelo Negra beer at 12 San Antonio H-E-B locations between Oct. 14 and Oct. 30.

Cart Wrap is an innovative, one-of-a-kind marketing tool for both brands and retailers. It provides a positive interruption to the shopping experience for consumers and can drive increased in-store sales for products. Each cart can be individually designed with eye-catching graphic design branding and messaging for the individual brand or retailer.  Cart Wrap units can be used for display or samplings.

As a tool for in-store sampling, Cart Wrap is superior to the traditional tasting table because of its mobility. It allows a tasting ambassador to move the tasting station to different approved locations throughout the store. In addition, it is a completely self-contained tasting station, as the main basket and underneath portion of the cart is used to store the product samples and supplies, and the top basket of the Cart Wrap is the “tasting table.” Brand messaging can be augmented with a header card that can hold additional messaging collateral.

“The ability to wrap a store cart and move it around to various locations within the store for display or samplings can boost sales.  This is a game changer for both brands and retailers,” said Brent Statzer, CEO and President of PMG Tastings. “Retailers conduct testing all the time to determine the best locations within a store for increasing purchases of a product and Cart Wrap allows them to capitalize on this data.”

Statzer noted that one of the biggest benefits of using Cart Wrap for in-store tastings is that it impacts the consumers’ shopping experience in ways they haven’t encountered before.

Cart Wrap is an effective way for brands and retailers to address consumer trends. “Consumer perceptions of convenience, time savings and value continue to evolve and this trend accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, traditional in-store point-of-sale tools are being challenged,” Statzer said. “Online orders for curbside pickup and home delivery make positively impacting consumer in-store shopping habits and suggestive sales opportunities very important.”

PMG Tastings, the exclusive supplier for Cart Wraps, fully developed the innovative concept. The Cart Wraps allow custom graphic design for a brand or retailer’s exact brand and messaging specifications and can be made to fit carts of any size. They are made of durable, high-quality material and are easy to clean and maintain. PMG Tastings has secured design patents for Cart Wrap in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and China, and the Cart Wrap name is registered U.S. service mark.

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